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Friday, March 23, 2007

FICCO: 52nd General Assembly – Creating A Real Difference

With its forthright theme: “FICCO: Creating A Real Difference” is a well deserved title for the country’s leading open-community type multi-purpose cooperative. Amid political and economic situation in this careworn country sprout hope because of FICCO’s existence that is now unvaryingly stable with its upright leadership and noble volunteer’s stirred rural financial activity. They stand against all odds contributing to economic development and help make Mindanao a better place to live in.

General Assembly. The 4 days (Mar 3, 4, 10, & 11) or 2 weekends (Saturday’s and Sunday’s) finally ended and well attended by its members. A well-worthy commendation for the Board of Directors and volunteers that shared their time and effort for the GA’s success, to share a few of these noble sacrifices, on March 3 A.M. FICCO conducted 2 Assemblies simultaneously with one BOD group in Butuan (GA for Butuan) and the other BOD group in Camiguin (GA for Camiguin) and in the afternoon of March 3 the BOD group from Butuan traveled to Gingoog (GA for Gingoog and Balingoan) and the BOD group from Camiguin traveled to Villanueva (GA for Villanueva and Balingasag). In a glance, they were able to finished 4 general assemblies for 6 branches in March 3 alone. Needless to say a continuing assembly is in progress on the following day March 4 and on the next Saturday Mar 10 and finally March 11. Amazingly, this board of directors did not ask to be given “honorariums” for the whole 4 days activity.

Resolutions. At the conclusion of FICCO’s General Assembly there were 4 major resolutions approved and adopted for implementation. This includes: a.) A wider area of operation from Mindanao to the whole nation as its area of coverage; b.) An acceptance of associate members for flexible membership base catering the young and young adults not yet at legal age; c.) A Funeral Home Service new venture; and d.) A FICCO-Mutual Benefit Association (FICCO-MBA) also a new undertaking. On the other hand, the General Assembly approved FICCO’s desire for participation on the Party List System of Representation under the Party List of DAMGO which means Democratic Alliance of Mindanaoans for Good Governance.

Oath Taking Ceremony. The newly elected set of officers on the GA were able to took an oath of office, last March 17, 2007 in the morning, at the Xavier University, Little Theater and after the oath taking followed lunch and short acquaintance. In the afternoon an orientation was conducted for the members of the Audited and Inventory Committee (AIC), the Credit Committee, and the Election and Education Committee. This is concurrently done with the first Monthly Regular Board Meeting at the Xavier Canteen, Function Room.

The “Creation of a Real Difference” starts today. To the new set of officers comes now the real challenge, not on survival, neither tyranny nor oppression, but the battle to victor over the seal to make a difference, to serve the marginalize majority, and to pull the grassroots from the mud of poverty. Let us continue to shine the cooperative values and the ideology that we always speak of. Let us mutually respect each other. Let us help one another, and together let’s make a difference!!!

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