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Monday, April 23, 2007

FICCO Management Committee Meeting

Mr Vicente B. Rana, FICCO's General Manager is presiding over the 21 Branch & Segment Manager of the country's biggest open community type multi - purpose cooperative FICCO. The meeting was conducted in FICCO Main Board room and with perfect attendance the meeting was called to order at exactly 9:45 AM.

The Management Committee Meeting (ManCom) is normally conducted monthly one week after the Board Meeting. During this meeting Mr. Isagani Daba was given 15 minutes to discuss concerns on the ManCom request on budget amendments.

ManCom monthly discusses the affairs of the cooperative through the analysis of its consolidated financial statement, the loan portfolio analysis, Delinquency analysis, Deposits, Branches concerns, members clamour and other reports relative to the FICCOs operation. On the other hand, ManCom also discusses progress on its Party List affiliation the "DAMGO" Democratic Alliance of Mindanaoans for Good Governance.

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Anonymous said...

good evening sir, can i am pinky ardiente and we have a sort of project in ourschool and we need some information about your company. may we ask for information about the founders of FICCO?