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Thursday, April 26, 2007


FICCO has been in the community for more than fifty-two (52) years of unwavering community service. It has served and is continuing to serve the socio-economic upliftment of every individual cooperative member. In fact FICCO can be considered as the silent giant in Mindanao who is responsible for releasing P2.1 billion of credit access to the community, hence, helping the government's program of financing small-scale ventures. However, that one of the socio-economic achievement of the cooperative movement is not enough as the changes of time unfold. Attempts have been made to shake the foundation of cooperativism. There was even a move to tax cooperatives where it was not supposed to be taxed as the same has been performing the role of the government in its community micro-financing program, which is done specifically by Quedancor, Land Bank and other Government Financial Institutions. As a measure, FICCO will support DAMGO in the party-list representation in the legislature as DAMGO's mission-vision are in line with the cooperative cause. The ultimate fear is that time will come where the socio-economic upliftment thrust of the cooperative movement can easily be thwarted if it has no political clout in the legislature. Thus, to uphold and further the cause of cooperativism we must not only help individuals socio-economically, but also legislate laws that are vital and will further cooperative's cause, and protect the rights and privileges of the cooperative movement. With DAMGO, FICCO will soon chart its own destiny as the vanguard of the cooperative's cause.

By: Chairman

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