Monday, May 7, 2007

FICCO and Freedom From Hunger

As I surf the web and search for the First Community Cooperative at Google, I happen to discover that FICCO being a partner of Credit Union Empowerment and Strengthening (CUES) is also considered partner for Freedom From Hunger. The First Community Cooperative being in the community for the last 50 years is still doing its part for social responsibility and teaching people help themselves and alleviate economic status for the cooperative members.

The CUES Philippines is a USAID funded project in the Philippines with principal office at Davao City. This project was initially directed by an Herb Wegner Awardee Loius Skitch in year 2000 after her reassignment it was leaded by a Filipino by Luis Jose Raymundo Sasuman. Currently CUES project is working on a Deposit Insurance Facility (DIF). It is a PDIC like operation for credit cooperatives but FICCO has yet to signify its intention for participating this project.