Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Filipino Olympians

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao proved to the world that we Filipinos can really be great! I believe we can replicate this again in our quest for long yearned Olympic Gold Medal. The question remains who will..?

2008 Beijing Olympic commenced and we once again send our best with hope and excitement that this time we will get what we always long for to bring the nation to the international map. The 15 Filipino Olympians can really make a difference and change the path of our international image and bring us to another level. We can’t do much but hope and pray that this time we can bring home the gold.

1. Mark Javier (Archery)
2. Henry Dagmil (Athletics)
3. Maristella Torres (Athletics)
4. Henry Tanamor (Boxing)
5. Miguel Molina (Swimming)
6. James Wlsh (Swimming)
7. Ryan Arabejo (Swimming)
8. Daniel Coakley (Swimming)
9. Christel Simms (Swimming)
10. Rexel Ryan Fabriga (Diving)
11. Sheila Mae Perez (Diving)
12. Tshomlee Go (Taekwondo)
13. Mary Antoinette Rivero (Taekwondo)
14. Eric Ang (Shooting)
15. Hidilyn Diaz (Weightlifting)

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