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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


ATING-KOOP is a sectoral organization that aims "to make the
Cooperatives S.T.R.O.N.G. !"

S = Sponsor bills that will benefit the Coop sector!

T = Tax-exemption (No to double taxation!)

R = Regionalize education and training centers!

O = Oppose government control!

N = network the Coop sector with other agencies!

G = Grassroots Consultation!

Let's show our force, and resolve to WIN 3 seats in Congress! Anyone
who supports this advocacy is welcome. If you are a registered voter
(even if not a member of any Coop), has no affiliation with other
partylist, and will vote-support- and-spread- the ATING KOOP
PARTYLIST, then YOU only need to register.

What can we do in order to WIN?
W - ork now! Waste no time!
I - nvite others! Involve your family and friends!
N - o retreat! NO surrender!

In ATING-KOOP Partylist, it is not the representative (Congressman)
who dictates the position, but the CENTRAL COMMITTEE who formulates
the Party's stand. This is new politics of participation. If ever,
the representative (Congressman) stands on something that does not
conform with the Central Committee's position, he will be charged
with "turncoatism" , the only lawful case for removal, and he will be
replaced by another representative.

JOIN and be Counted. Go to Philippine Coop Center Building located
in Balete Drive Ext., Quezon City, and Look for ATING-KOOP NATIONAL
OFFICE. Or Call Mr. Ed Bato at Tel Number 727-9486; 448-7605. (FR. MAR ARENAS)

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