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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FICCO Scholarship

FIRST COMMUNITY COOPERATIVE (FICCO) deals not only with economic benefits to the society but will now be offering scholarships for fresh high school graduates for the incoming first semester school year 2009-2010. This was approved by the Board of Directors during its regular board meeting held last April 18, 2009 per BOD resolution no. 130. Applicants will need to possess and submit the following requirements:

* Applicant shall belong to the Top 10 of the graduating class duly certified by the principal;

* Must have a weighted average of not less than 90% but with no grade below 85%;

* Parent’s combined annual income shall not be more than P120,000, provided, subject to background investigation to be done by any FICCO staff upon request;

* Applicant must be of good moral character; and

* Applicant’s parent/guardian must be a member of good standing with FICCO.

Out of the total applicants, FICCO will be selecting two (2) applicants whi will qualify from the screening that they will be conducting during the month of May (TBA). Selected scholars will be allowed to pursue the priority courses: Accountancy (BSA) and Information Technology (BSIT). One-slot is available for each course. Interested applicants may submit their requirements to: FICCO Main office, HR Department, c/o Ms. Hazel Abrogar.

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