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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Philstar: RPs Rich Getting Richer! (and the Poor?)

Forbes magazine edition released Aug 26, tagged Henry Sy as the country's richest person. 3.8 Billion net worth SM shopping malls appreciated 28% from last year.

25 other tycoons became richer, aside from Sy, the other moguls in the top 10 richest Filipinos include Lucio Tan ($1.7 billion), Jaime Zobel de Ayala ($1.2 billion), Andrew Tan ($850 million), John Gokongwei ($720 million), Tony Tan Caktiong ($710 million), Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. ($660 million), Enrique Razon ($620 million), Manuel Villar ($530 million), and George Ty ($515 million).

Forbes also reported that among the 40 richest in the Philippines, another big gainer was David Consunji, whose net worth increased from $105 million to $300 million after the stock price of his construction firm, DMCI, more than doubled.

The Sy's also control the top bank of the country - Banco De Oro (Universal Bank) network banks.

The gap now becomes farther and farther, as the rich become richer, the poor becomes poorer. There really is not enough justice where to few have too much and too many have too little. on the contrary if we have to ask ourselves is this their fault? Are we going to blame them that they get richer everyday and we get poorer each day? We can blame our selves, our leaders, or our government, but I believe this misery can best be taken as a challenge, yes the evidence is clear, social inequality has gotten deeper and deeper. It has deeply penetrated that some Filipinos seeing a hopeless Philippines and look opportunities somewhere.

Are we really hopeless? Can you suggest a solution in your own small way? 2010 is coming how should we select our leaders?


Anonymous said...

During the marcos regime...inequalities level in our society was penerated...we deserve to settle it with an arm for battle...if we want change it should be a bloody one!

Toti said...

Thank you for your comment. But lets put aside using arm for this. I mean if we squarely face the challenge head on... the fair and legal way, can you suggest any solution?