Monday, August 31, 2009

Sarmiento: Coop NATCCO Filed Opposition to ATING KOOP Partylist

Commissioner Rene Sarmiento of the COMELEC said in an interview that (of the 256 partylist applications) only one partylist application received a filing of opposition. He disclosed that Coop NatCCO had filed an opposition against ATING-KOOP. He however added that he was told that the parties have entered into a compromise.


One of my previous post that exposes something on YouTube. I copied and embed the video again

"coop-natcco party-list promises P1M" is the title of this in YouTube. I won't add anything to that instead watch and hear it and be the judge.

Listen carefully at 7:50 to the end of the talk and hear it for yourself.

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