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Friday, September 25, 2009

Ang Ladlad Ask for Comelecs Accreditation

For the second time the group led by Danton Remoto filed a petition before the Comelec urging the poll body to allow them to participate in the 2010 elections. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders are said to account for 10 percent of the total 43.5 million registered voters nationwide.

Two years ago Comelec junked their petition for accreditation citing the failure to comply with the legal requirements of national membership.

  1. Public discrimination against them is said to be the main reason why Ang Ladlad is formed. Equal opportunities for gays and lesbians is their aim.

  1. ang Ladlad push for the repeal of the Anti-Vagrancy Law, which he said is commonly used by unscrupulous policemen for extortion of gays.
Bolanon: (a Philstar user commented) Now we are truly seeing the decline of this country. Those who forget history are bound to repeat them. Sodom and Gomorra are forgotten. Our fathers' values are forgotten. The sanctity of marriage (and that means between a man and a woman - in the context of that marriage - a man shall leave his house and a woman his mother, something like that), because men have become so debase and detestable by lusting for one another when even from a biological viewpoint, there is no way that homosexuality will stand. In the Old Testament times, these were stoned to death. Now, we applaud when they march on stage. Ban these people. So we see a serious flaw in our constitution on these party list system. AMEND THE CONSTITUTION NOW!

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