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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can AFP Eliminate the NPA?

In an article in Philstar entitled "Defeat of NPA By 2010 Imminent, Says AFP" have some new revelations over AFP's leadership untamed tongue, this implies many things for me positive and negative and to cite a few hear this:

AFP Leaders would like to Demoralize the NPA
If this is intended that way the NPA's know for a fact how well or bad they are doing.

AFP want to smell good over a Promotion before PGMA leaves office
Hhhmmnn... I smell something. PGMA has always make Generals seated in the Top offices in the country, why not?

AFP wants to display good public image
I believe the public always have high regards for the AFP. It is always there, what makes the public shun them are the people like Garcia (baka nandun ang budget para sa bala) or officers like the Euro generals, and perhaps many others who hides in the cloak of a snappy uniform.

What the public need is an action than a bubbly mouth.

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