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Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Auction: 2010 Presidential Bid is now Open! Who's Interested?

We are all aware that Noynoy Aquino is joining the race for presidential bid in 2010. This has somewhat resulted in withdrawal for some (Mar Roxas, Ed Palilio, and others) and a declaration to maintain their stand in running for president (Loren Legarda and others).

What surprises me is the stand of former Pres. Joseph Estrada. He is very determined and has a strong conviction and even said that if the opposition cannot unite for 1 president to run. He is maintaining his declaration and not giving up to pursue 2010 presidential bid. Isn't this action inflict more damage than good to the opposition? or allow me to say its illogical. What's the relationship of his bid against the unity of the party? If he decides not to run will it have impact to unite the opposition? I would rather believe him saying "I will run for President -PERIOD!!!" I think that will be enough, but forgive my tongue because I would say it is not right... All have their individual rights to declare and pursue and I hope there would really be someone from among our candidates that truly fight for genuine politics. Our country needs leaders who really have the heart for the people and not for themselves. There is Ping Lacson, Jejomar Binay, Chiz Escudero, Mike Velarde, Bayani Fernando, Noli De Castro, Gilbert Teodoro, and others that might have yet to declare...

Here are the following problems they faced once they'll win:
  1. Ballooning Debt with interest on it's neck.
  2. Aggravating Fiscal budget deficit that PGMA promised to balance; Lol!
  3. Increasing Poverty situation, contrary to "Ramdam ang Kaunlaran" (feel the improvement/development) I would say "Ramdam ang Kaunloron" (feel the sinking/hardship).
  4. Population growth
  5. Economic instability
  6. Peace and Order
Lastly, "ATTITUDE". Unless we do something, unless we take out greediness, unless we change... everything will just continue in an unending loop. I don't know what's next... famine? deep poverty? war? riots? people power? inflation rise? economic turmoil?

In all these things I still believe and hope for the best in our country... I'll try to believe.

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