Saturday, October 10, 2009

How to Save?

The pinoy's savings habit on a scale of 1 to 10, (10 being the highest) may only have a rating of 2. Meaning 2 out of 10 Filipinos save. Our mentality about savings is manifested by this equation:

Income minus Expense = Savings

A friend of mine even joke about this and said "oh the equation is wrong because the latest survey suggest that pinoy's savings habit is rated -1 (negative one) or an equation of Income - expense = Overdraft". Sad but true, I mean reality bites we have more to spend than to save. My question is - Is that really the reason why we cannot save? more to spend than to save? On the other hand others would say, "Yes we have save" but we withdraw it 2 days after every deposit. This is just the same as no savings at all.

The existence of cooperatives gives us hope to educate the members about personal finance. The habit of savings, frugality and thrift. lets educate more people, evangelize them with the cooperative principles, lets bring the light to them, make them aware that savings equation adopted by the cooperatives is this:

Income minus Savings = Expense

The trick is to do this little by little or a few amounts allocated every pay day until it becomes a habit. The only struggle is to begin and later it becomes a regular practice and will be very easy for one to comply.

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