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Friday, October 2, 2009

Roach Not Satisfied with Manny Today

His (Pacquiao’s) performance today isn’t the way he’s gonna beat Cotto. But that’s part of the process, That’s part of training camp and that’s why we’re here. That’s something we’re working on – to get him ready for the fight
This was the comment made by Freddie Roach after the sparring match between Manny and Shawn Porter at the Baguio gym. Roach said he leaned too much on the ropes and Porter was able to caught Pacquiao with good right leads, a couple of straights to the face, and left jabs identical to techniques of Cotto. Roach in short is not satisfied with the performance of Manny and plans to close the gym for more focus. He rated Manny's training at 40% considering his performance with Porter.

Every fighter can't just be underestimated Cotto being the younger fighter has an advantage on his own. Manny has to make up with his training and shouldn't give the other the chance to pin him down.

Like many others, I can't wait to see PacMan and Cotto in the ring.

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