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Saturday, October 3, 2009

What are the types of deposits?

There are several deposit products of FICCO, they're listed below:

  1. Savings Deposit. Deposit that can be withdrawn anytime, provided it is not encumbered with any loans with FICCO. Encumbered deposits are withdrawable only upon payment of loan is completed.
  2. Time Deposit. This is otherwise known as term deposit. has a special higher rate than the regular savings deposit. FICCO normally offers a one month rollover TD to its members.
  3. Special Deposits. Are deposits from associate members of FICCO. This is withdrawable anytime
  4. Retirement Savings. a special type of deposits designed for members retirement for a period of 5 years.
  5. Installment Savings. a special type of deposit designed for members installment savings for a period of 5 years
  6. Young Savers. Deposit for kids 3 y.o. to 13 y.o.
  7. Youth Savers. Deposit for teens ages 14 y.o. - 17 y.o.
  8. Preferred stocks. capital deposits from associate members of FICCO is under this account.
  9. Common Stock (commonly known as Share Capital). Deposit that cannot be withdrawn anytime. This deposit is withdrawable only if one wishes to terminate his membership with FICCO.
Note: Under the Cooperative Code of 2008 R.A. 9520, the deposits from members of the cooperative is not subject to the 20% withholding tax.


jeffrey said...

Hello Sir,

Can you please give me the interest rates on the said deposit products?
i am interested to know the rates on the Time Deposit, Preferred Stocks, and Share Capital.
Thank you so much. please email me at this address:

Jeffrey Bahian

Anonymous said...

Sir, maayong hapon.gusto ko manguta sa inyong int.rate sa prefferd stocks , time retirment savings.salamat pls mao ni ako email.add.

Anonymous said...

sir good pm ask lng ko pilay int. rate sa saving kay mag open account akong anak salamat po