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Saturday, October 10, 2009

What is the Obligation of the Comaker?

By deifinition Co-maker means one of two or more persons who sign an instrument to indicate a promise to pay a financial obligation. Any co-maker may be sued for the entire amount of the indebtedness, although a co-maker who is forced to pay more than his or her share may seek contribution from the other co-makers.

The co-maker has an obligation as if he is the principal borrower. While FICCO exerts every effort to collect from the principal borrower, if the principal borrower cannot pay his loan, FICCO can run after the co-maker. Also, while FICCO is pursuing collection from the principal borrower, the co-maker, in the event he applies for a loan, is obligated to pay certain amount of the principal due including interest before his own loan is released or if he agrees, the delinquent loan will be deducted from his loan proceeds.

It is advise that before a member co makes a loan be sure you understand thoroughly your obligation in case of dafult by the principal borrower.


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