Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who can borrow at FICCO?

All bonafide members who have complied with all of the following requirements;

• Attended pre-membership seminar;
• Paid seminar fee of P30;
• Paid membership fee of P30 and ID of P20;
• Enrolled and paid one hundred forty (P140) as required membership fee & one (1) month premium for the FICCO- Mutual Benefit Association
• Paid at least one (1) share or P 100 and pledge to complete minimum share capital requirement of thirty (30) shares or 3,000 within one year;
• Deposited five hundred (P500) pesos in his/her savings deposit;
• Have undergone the probationary period of four (4) months from the date of initial share deposit (except those availing of loans against their deposits, which may be done even during the probationary period); and
• Have attended a loan briefing that covers a review of the core coop values and current loan policies.


Amelia said...

Hello Good Afternoon Im Amelia O. Sunga from bataan which is i just read of your site that I am interested and applied for a new member of FICCO and I want to know where i can get the application for it so please kindly email me at for your response thank you

Amelia said...

Good Afternoon I am Amelia Sunga from Bataan that I interested and wants to apply for new membership of FICCO so i want to know where can i get that of application i need for the information please kindly email me at for your response thank you...