Friday, November 20, 2009

ATING KOOP Victory Mass and Motorcade

On November 30, 2009, we will have a Victory Mass and Motorcade to celebrate the accreditation of ATING KOOP PARTYLIST by COMELEC. Let us meet on that date at 8AM in Quezon Circle. We will celebrate Mass at 9AM, then after the Solidarity Messages, we will proceed to COMELEC to file our INTENT to join the Election in 2010. Let us be there and invite your friends and supporters of Ating Koop.

This is Fr. Mar DJ Arenas officially announcing that Ating-Koop Partylist has just received on this 16th of November (Feast of the Mother of Mercy in Poland) the COMELEC Resolution approving Ating-Koop to participate in the 2010 election!

I would like to thank everyone for your active participation and prayers. This is a collective effort and teamwork. And I hope we continue to be this God's guidance.

We will convene in the soonest possible date the National Assembly which will elect the National Council Central Committee, and will determine the selection process in choosing the Partylist Representative(s). Let us remember that the true Partylist Representative(s) are different from the District Representatives/Congressmen because the Partylist Representative(s) simply act as the "voice" of the National Assembly thru the National Council. Kaya pwedeng maging motto natin sa ating-koop partylist..."totoo ito, di trapo."

Let us start to mobilize. We have just started the journey. Let us adopt the W-I-N Formula: W-ork now! I-nvolve others! N-ever surrender!

I hope we can use this website to reach out and inform everyone on what we are doing in making sure that we reach congress in 2010. Soon we can say...may kapartner na tayo sa kongreso! Mabuhay ang Ating-Koop Partylist...totoo ito, di trapo!


Dear all,

We are pleased to inform you that the COMELEC First Division promulgated its Resolution dated November 13, 2009 approving our "Petition for Registration and Accreditation". The 12-page Resolution is very strong on legal and factual basis, as the COMELEC debunked and dismissed the allegations of COOP-NATCO point-by-point that we are not entitled to registration as a party-list representing the Cooperative Sector.

We thank all of you for the trust and faith that you have reposed to our Ating Koop. We look forward to seeing and meeting with you in the coming days as we plan for the May, 2010 elections!

Mabuhay and Ating Koop!


James Ian L. dela Vega

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto - Tale of the Tape and More

Las Vegas - forgive me for bringing you this off topic article. I just couldn't forgive myself not bringing you this little info about our boxing icon progress in his fight tomorrow with Miguel Cotto.

I'd like to show you the tale of the tape for Saturday's anticipated welterweight title fight between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto, which will be settled when the six-time world champion Pacquiao and welterweight belt-holder Cotto step on the scales inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The weigh-in is open to the public, with doors opening at 1 p.m. At 5:30 a.m., the first person started the line, said an MGM security official.

For those waiting for the weight numbers to be finalized for the bout that contractually demands each man to weigh in at 145 pounds, here's the other key numbers to chew on:

Age: Pacquiao 30, Cotto 29;

Record: Pacquiao 49-3-2, 37 KOs, Cotto 34-1, 27 KOs;

Height: Pacquiao 5-6 1/2, Cotto 5-8;

Reach: Pacquiao 67", Cotto 69";

Chest normal: Pacquiao 38", Cotto 39",

Chest expanded: Pacquiao 41", Cotto 41";

Biceps: Pacquiao 13", Cotto 13",

Forearm: Pacquiao 12", Cotto 11 1/2";

Waist: Pacquiao 28", Cotto 32";

Thigh: Pacquiao 20", Cotto 22 1/2";

Calf: Pacquiao 15", Cotto 12";

Neck: Pacquiao 16", Cotto 16";

Wrist: Pacquiao 8", Cotto 7 1/2";

Fist: Pacquiao 10", Cotto 11".

-- An unofficial poll of writers has been finalized, with 16 selecting Pacquiao and eight picking Cotto.

Written by: Lance Pugmire

Monday, November 2, 2009

Credit Card Companies Evil Deeds

"5 evil things credit card companies can (still) do". This is the title of an article on that speaks about the credit card companies abusive practices. Though this article was originally posted in CNN Money, it is still very relevant to us and reveals better understanding of the credit card company abuse.

Here's the brief 5 point summary:
  1. Rate Hikes
Interest rates of credit cards are out of this world. They can charge as high as 36% p.a. And take note No current laws cap credit card interest rates. I hope our leaders are seeing this area to help people get out from abusive credit card companies charging interest rates to the neck.
  1. New Fees
Not only are the rates high but fees are injected. If you are a card holder take notice of the fees, finance charges and annual fees previously offered free. What is this annual fee by the way? are they issuing card on an annual basis? or people are just charge for convenience of using it? it's not really fine it is rather not justified.
  1. Higher Minimum Monthly Payments
Observe it. Credit card companies demand higher monthly payments to consumers. This has been acted upon by US for their people. I just pray our congressmen act on this too to protect consumers.
  1. Fewer Rewards
Beach vacation, laptop, and ipod? well its no more. Companies only reward you for swiping the card and not for paying cash on your purchase. So what about the "rebates" well forget it, it will not happen.
  1. Slashed Credit Limits and Cancelled Accounts
Notice the slashed of credit limits for those who have the cards. You'll be surprise it'll be up to 75% reduction. well what shocks consumer more is knowing their credit cards have been cancelled, and that happens without any calls from companies.

What's a Cardholder to Do?

Consumers must pay close attention to the terms of their contracts, staying alert to any changes.

"It's boring reading, and it can be hard to understand, but that's where everything is spelled out,".

Of course, while there are laws aimed at helping consumers, legislation can't do it all.

And if you don't like your credit card's new terms? "Shop around.

And hope for the best in Cooperatives they're actually our hope.

Pre-Membership Seminar Online

If FICCO will offer Pre-membership online will you be interested to join?

I have received a number of emails from Filipino's abroad asking if they could possibly become a member while they are still working outside the Philippines.

Well my answer to that is this, "Yes, if you have been an active member before you leave the country" but if you're now outside the country and you are applying for membership then it is not yet permitted at the moment. The last information I got was that the legal department of FICCO task to study the legalities of having a member from outside the country, especially by the time one applies for a loan.

Any updates on this matter will be posted on this site. I urged Filipinos emailing me to just wait and subscribe to my email. Thank you.