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Friday, November 20, 2009

ATING KOOP Victory Mass and Motorcade

On November 30, 2009, we will have a Victory Mass and Motorcade to celebrate the accreditation of ATING KOOP PARTYLIST by COMELEC. Let us meet on that date at 8AM in Quezon Circle. We will celebrate Mass at 9AM, then after the Solidarity Messages, we will proceed to COMELEC to file our INTENT to join the Election in 2010. Let us be there and invite your friends and supporters of Ating Koop.

This is Fr. Mar DJ Arenas officially announcing that Ating-Koop Partylist has just received on this 16th of November (Feast of the Mother of Mercy in Poland) the COMELEC Resolution approving Ating-Koop to participate in the 2010 election!

I would like to thank everyone for your active participation and prayers. This is a collective effort and teamwork. And I hope we continue to be this God's guidance.

We will convene in the soonest possible date the National Assembly which will elect the National Council Central Committee, and will determine the selection process in choosing the Partylist Representative(s). Let us remember that the true Partylist Representative(s) are different from the District Representatives/Congressmen because the Partylist Representative(s) simply act as the "voice" of the National Assembly thru the National Council. Kaya pwedeng maging motto natin sa ating-koop partylist..."totoo ito, di trapo."

Let us start to mobilize. We have just started the journey. Let us adopt the W-I-N Formula: W-ork now! I-nvolve others! N-ever surrender!

I hope we can use this website to reach out and inform everyone on what we are doing in making sure that we reach congress in 2010. Soon we can say...may kapartner na tayo sa kongreso! Mabuhay ang Ating-Koop Partylist...totoo ito, di trapo!

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