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Monday, March 1, 2010


First, we were No. 24. Then, when new party list groups won their case in the Supreme Court, we moved up to No. 29. In the final list issued by COMELEC last 25 February 2010, ATING KOOP is listed as No. 109.

Only One, and make it No. 109

There are more than 180 party list groups that COMELEC allowed to run in the May 2010 election. But a qualified voter can vote for only one party list. We urge you to shade or blacken No. 109 and that is our party list, the ATING KOOP.


There are many reasons why we have to work hard for ATING KOOP to win three seats in Congress. Here are the most important –

o ATING KOOP, upholding real coop values, espouses transformational governance. No to transactional, patronage politics! No to distribution of pork barrel based on votes delivered! No to cash in paper bags!
o ATING KOOP fights for initiatives that will cooperativize public utilities like water supply, electric power distribution, etc. as a tool for redistributing wealth to the grassroots.
o ATING KOOP fights for tax and other incentives that will level the playing field for grassroots institutions and initiatives.
o ATING KOOP promotes undertakings that will strengthen the whole coop movement, e.g. training of coop people and computerization, networking of all coops that will facilitate banking, remittance and other transactions of members.

An equally important reason for supporting ATING KOOP is to prove to ourselves that there is such thing as a ‘coop vote.’ Our lives were transformed through the economic and social access that our coops provided. Let this transformation be confidence builder and move us to decry the ways of governance we witness today.

The economic and social benefits we now enjoy are negated by the blatant disregard of good governance principles by most public officials and institutions. Let our solid coop vote for ATING KOOP be a warning shot to those who put greed in the altar of their lives. Let our votes for ATING KOOP also become a shout “Tama na! Sobra na! Ituwid na!”

Please remember: It is not enough to just vote for No. 109 ATING KOOP party list. Let us also work hard to campaign within our circle of influence (family members, relatives, neighbours, friends, co-workers, fellow association members) so that ATING KOOP will win three seats in Congress.


Paris said...

Long live "Ating Koop"

Are you aware of the NEW COOPERATIVE TAX RULES?

The Department of Finance thru its attached agencies, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), has issued on February 5, 2010 the Joint Rules and Regulations Implementing the Tax Provisions of RA No. 9520. The joint circular prescribes the rules and regulations that will implement Article 60 (Tax Treatment of Cooperatives), Article 61 (Tax and Other Exemptions) and Article 144 (Transitory Provisions) of RA 9520 or the New Cooperative Code of 2008.

However, the BIR has circularized the Joint Rules and Regulations thru its Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 12-2010 dated February 11, 2010.

All cooperatives must abide with these rules effective upon the approval of the Joint Circular on February 5, 2010. However, we know that the new law (RA 9520) is effective March 22, 2009. Know the details of these implementing rules to maximize your Coop’s tax benefits.
CPA PLUS COOPERATIVE invites everyone to attend this pioneering seminar entitled “NEW COOPERATIVE TAX RULES” scheduled on Thursday, 4 March 2010, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at KABAYAN HOTEL, 2878 Zamora St. Corner EDSA Rotonda, Pasay City. For inquiries, please call: (02) 664-1580 / (02) 985-38-92 / 0920-913-03-09 / or Fax (02) 872 45 35 or send an email to or

Register now and avail of the early bird discounts. This program has limited seats with pre-registration required.


Associate professor, PUP College of Cooperatives
Member, Technical Working Group for the Amendments of Phil Coop Code of 2008
Member, Technical Working Group for the Creation of Coop Deposit Insurance System
Member, Technical Working Group for the New Standard Chart of Accounts of Cooperatives
Member, National Cooperative Movement
Former Director, PUP Institute of Cooperatives (now PUP College of Cooperatives)

SEMINAR FEE: P1, 800.00 per participant
Discounted rate of P1, 500.00 for coops with three (3) or more participants
(Inclusive of materials, certificate of attendance, AM/PM snacks, lunch and free-flowing coffee)



A must to ensure food and handouts. Photocopy for additional participants.
Name of Cooperative / Company: ________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Telephone / Fax number: _______________________________________________________________
Name Position E-mail Address

Cash and check payments will be accepted on or before the date of seminar. For advance reservation & payment, you can deposit your payment to CPA Plus Cooperative (BPI current account No 0201-0456-14). Checks must be in the name of CPA Plus Cooperative. Kindly fax or bring a copy of your deposit slip for our easy reference.

Ferdinand said...

Lets keep the good fight and finish the race!
The Coop values that our founding leaders have sown starts to bear fruit in our hearts.
We have started to believe on ourselves that change is within our reach...
Even how difficult... we will prevail...May God bless us all in our quest for change.

seema said...

However, the BIR has circularized the Joint Rules and Regulations thru its Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 12-2010 dated February 11, 2010.