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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grasping the Coop Way: Strength in Unity

October is that time of the year when cooperatives are recognized for their invaluable contributions to the country.

Last October 3, 2010 marked the launching of the Cooperative Month. Coops from the different parts of Region 10 gathered around the Capital Grounds to witness the opening ceremonies. Everyone was excited to begin the day’s festivities that included a mass, followed by the Cooperative parade, a bloodletting activity, and free medical consultations. Informative and educational activities were also lined-up for the whole month to cater to the needs of the different coops.

It was magnificent to see how the Cooperative way has expanded. The sheer number of coops that were present was a proof how far people understood the coop way. Coops serving the different facets in the society have embraced the cooperative philosophies and principles. Though varied, it was clear that there was a sense of unity despite of their diversity in ideals and interests. Coupled with the ambience of unanimity was the peculiar connection to the year’s theme, “One Coop Movement: Isang Pananaw sa Pagbabago at Pag-asenso.” Judging on how the events pushed through, it was not peculiar at all. Yet, it was reminder of one important lesson that spurred the conception of cooperatives: Strength in Unity.

History relishes the power of unity to spark change. It is the kind of unity that transcends mere rewards and benefits. Rather, it is the kind of unity that drives people to help themselves and return, help others. Despite of the different challenges and adversities, the unity between the members serves as the anchor and the foundation that drives us to persevere.

As more and more cooperatives blossom, celebrations like the Coop Month reminds us to continue in our endeavors to unite people. In a world where materialism is eminent, it is our social responsibility to invite people to grasp the coop way. (rcuenca Oct. '10)

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