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Monday, September 21, 2015

How Much Is The Loanable Amount for Class B Member for FICCO?

FICCO Class B Member can avail Regular Loan, Petty Cash Loan, LAD, and Rice but remember these can be availed one at a time since Class B are allowed one loan only, except if there are still free deposits that are not encumbered or lock in with other loans

So how is Class B multiple computed? its very easy, Here's the formula.

Share Deposit X 190% = Share Loanable Amount
Savings Deposit X 210% = Savings Loanable Amount

Share Loanable + Savings Loanable = Total Loanable Amount

Unsecured  is not more than Php 60,000
Secured by Real Estate Mortgage (Yuta - bisdak) up to Php 500,000

Pag ma Class A mas Hayahay, Basta Maau lang jud ta mag bayad.

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