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Friday, October 16, 2015

Duterte: Man of His Word

Duterte will definitely do what he says he will do!

On his decision which I personally don't like but all the respect. From the beginning he was always  consistent but my heart wants otherwise, that's why im a bit frustrated, its because i don't want to hear him say "I'm not running for President", and this reality was unaceptable or perhaps, my expectations are too much for a person who know too well of himself and his limitations.

To you Mayor Duterte, I salute. 

A sigh of relief for other politician/s who treat him as a clear threat to their candidacy and their party.  A decent way to celebrate secretly, of course. I'm not really underestimating other candidates, as I believe they can serve the country well and maybe improve the lives of the people. But change? may be I will leave that to the people themselves once an elected President is already reigning.

A Call To All. If we desire a person to run and believe with all our heart he could have CREATE A CHANGE in our Country but at the moment choose to serve in his own way he believe he could effectively do, aren't we supposed to respect that?

If we ask ourselves, What have i done to make my City great? What Am I going to do to help my community? What have I done so far?

Long Live the Philippines. None will really have the heart to make this great but we Filipino's ourselves.

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