Sunday, July 2, 2017

Storm erupts over Horn’s ritual

Manny Pacquiao’s camp has landed an early blow on Jeff Horn.
Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach has taken exception to brown porous tape used by the Horn camp to wrap the Australian’s hands.
The brown porous tape is not permitted for use, as it can soak up and harden when sweat or water is applied it.
Main Event commentator Paul Kent explained the issue, saying the Pacquiao camp is well within their rights to step in.
“It’s very important for people who don’t know boxing that the proper wraps are used,” Kent explained.
“It’s quite clear you can’t use brown wraps and the Horn camp have tried to go ahead with that. Freddie Roach is within his rights to say, ‘No, change the wraps.’
But Horn’s trainer Glen Rushton said the drama was just mind games from Pacquiao, to try and unsettle Horn.
“It’s fabric tape, we use it all the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s brown or white, no one has complained about the colour of the tape.
“He had some issue with it, so I agreed to use his white tape to save any dramas.
“He seemed a little rattled, which is surprising for someone of his experience.”
Horn’s brother Ben reportedly laughed at the suggestion of some dogdy tactics, Roach replying with a series of expletives.
Boxing host Ben Damon, who is at Suncorp Stadium, said Roach told him he had “never met such f***ing disrespectful people in boxing. Manny knows about it and they’re going to pay!


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